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Issue 7: School

We knew school was an important issue we’d have to tackle and it’s been a real pleasure to put this issue together and get to grips with so many aspects of school life. From tips on starting school to musings on what school life can teach us, and some thoughts on challenging the gender gap in school, it’s jam-packed.

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Issue 6: Screen Time

We take a look at the emotive subject of what we do and don’t let our children do on screens. From social media tips for teens and tweens to a deep dive in the the darker side of Disney dreams, we have something for everyone.

Issue 5: Challenges & Changes

Over the last year, we’ve had so many conversations about feminism and how we can help make the world more equal for our children. So for this bumper issue, we have a great team of contributors tackling some of those questions head on - from whataboutery and consent to gender-segregated books and Girl Power.

Issue 4: Books

Stories are powerful, and a book can take you anywhere in the world. We take a look at their lasting messages, their lack of diversity and how some boys are still missing out on their joys and power. And of course it’s that time of year - the Christmas Gift Guide has landed.


Play is universal and it’s magical, but it doesn’t always come easy. We talk about getting outdoors, how to deal with football fever, and whether our own prejudices mean we are really offering our kids equal play.


We take a look at the fashion landscape for young children today, come up with 5 ways to escape the gendered threads and suggest some brilliant people to follow. 

issue 1: Introductions

We chat about why we need to change the way the world works for boys (and girls), seek out some non-gendered Christmas gifts and meet some modern role models.