Christmas Gift Guide 2017

Looking for presents for boys that aren’t all tractors and dinosaurs? Wishing there were a few more options for non-gendered toys? Aiming for unisex clothes?

Good news!

We’ve collected lots of lovely toys, books and clothes for children, and a few for the adults too. We've gone for treats, not basics, in this guide.  Some of these things are not cheap - especially the clothes - which we think shows just how hard it is to find good non-gendered clothes. Most high cost items (including clothes) can be found second-hand on eBay or similar sites, and also can be handed on or resold after you've finished with them. (We've got some excellent leggings and jumpers that were expensive but were first worn by cousins ten years ago and are still going strong after 4 hand-me-downs.) They’re split by age, but many of them will suit slightly older and younger, so have a good old browse.

And just as a reminder:

A handy guide from Kristin Myers Design

A handy guide from Kristin Myers Design

Browse by age (though lots of these lovely gifts will suit a range of ages too)