Christmas Gift Guide 2018

Looking for out of the ordinary gifts for the small people in your life? Wishing you could find toys, games and books without wading through a sea of pink and blue? Your Christmas wish is granted!

Last year, we launched Sonshine with our 2017 Christmas Gift Guide. It’s been a fantastic year for us (thanks to you and all your support) and three issues later, we are so delighted to now bring you our second gift guide!

We’ve had a lot of thoughts about the consumerism of Christmas, and about the plastic waste it generates. A few people mentioned the idea of keeping things simple with ‘Something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read’, so we’ve taken that as our starting point. We’ve tried to also support independent makers and retailers in our choices (which has been easy as they tend to have the most interesting products!).

We’ve also thought about things that will last, be handed down, and bring joy for years to come. Check out our clothes shopping tips from Issue 2 and remember that if you get in early enough you can often find great toys second hand, in charity shops or online, with years of playing left in them.

Though the lists are grouped by age ranges, lots of them will suit slightly older and younger children, so grab a glass of mulled wine and have a browse.

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