Gifts for 1 year olds (or even younger)

Lets just be clear here - most under-ones and one year olds have no wants or wishes and can’t unwrap a present without help. So presents here might well be directed at parents (check out our parent gift guide for some inspiration). It’s also a good time for a keepsake, or  a toy that will be popular for years to come. 

A is for Activist

Raising a radical? You need this book. Start them young, with an ABC of fights worth having.

A is for Activist board book  £6.99  Amazon

Bath Towel

A hooded towel makes bath time easier and this organic one also comes with rabbit ears. Because everyone wants to be a rabbit sometimes. 

Liewood hooded towel  £34  The Modern Nursery

Chiming rabbits

Reclaim the rabbit! Rabbits for all!

Shake and wobble these simple wooden bunnies to hear them chime.

Usagi Rabbit friends by Kukkia  £35  Hip Little People


I like a unicorn as much as the next person (and seems that EVERYONE loves unicorns these days). This gorgeous children’s breakfast set from Lush Designs makes them look like majestic, mythical beasts in wild forests.

Lush Designs breakfast set  £19 Heal's

Woollen Romper

This is the cutest romper. It's not cheap but it is handmade and will be a definite one to lay away or pass on. Also, pink in a lumberjack check? Monty Python would approve.

Woollen Pastel Check Pantaloon  £40  What Mother Made

Noah's Ark

I admit I always feel slightly weird about Noah and the fact his wife has no name. But children do love playing with well-made wooden animals, and M&S get extra points for their non-gendered labelling and sustainable practices. 

Wooden Noah's Ark  £25  Marks and Spencer


Silver Spoon

What the actual origin of a silver spoon as a christening gift is, I’m not sure. In any case, spoons are both useful and great keepsakes. 

Personalised Teaspoon   £19   The Cutlery Commission

The Baby’s Catalogue

A firm favourite in our house, with scenes of different families’ lives. Mums are at home and at work, dads are sharing the care and children are eating, playing, crying and dropping things in the loo.

The Baby's Catalogue Board Book  £6.99  Amazon


The Very Busy Spider

While The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a modern classic, it’s likely someone got there before you and they already know it off by heart. Eric Carle’s other books are also brilliant - here beautiful collage illustrations introduce a range of farm animals, while the persistent spider is VERY BUSY spinning a web you can feel on the page.

The Very Busy Spider Board Book  £5.99  Amazon

Stars Sweater

Super star print from unisex brand Boys&Girls. Organic cotton and popper neck to help slide on and off a wriggly baby. 

Stars Crew Neck  £22  Boys&Girls

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