Gifts for parents

Have you got a new parent to buy for? Or just some time-poor grown-ups you really like? We've got a few great tips to help you out.



Seriously, this is a GREAT gift. Babysitting can cost £10 an hour, so those three hours of BladeRunner 2049 had better be flippin' brilliant. An evening out that doesn't break the bank is a brilliant and thoughtful present. In fact, you don't really need to read the others on the list - just offer this one.

Gin Tasting Set

Still with us? Fair enough. Ah, gin. Of course, also known as Mothers' Ruin, it can do a pretty job on a father too. This is a smart gift set of single measures for fancy G&Ts in the comfort of your own home.

Bathtub Gin Tasting Set £19.95 Master of Malt


The Descent of Man

This book takes another look at what being a man really means, and how arbitrary all the rules and code we live by are. Grayson Perry's charming voice, alongside his witty illustrations, make this a very readable and short book. There're lots of sharp observations and radical suggestions, as well as quite a few that seem blindingly obvious once they're pointed out. Down with 'default man'!

The Descent of Man paperback  £6.49 Amazon

How not to be a boy

Everyone should read this funny, poignant, clever and self-aware book. Webb explores how his own role models and expectations about what boys and men were damaged his ability to have equal relationships with men and women. We hear a lot about toxic masculinity - this is a great way to start laughing at it.

How not to be a boy hardback  £7.49  Amazon

Plant Subscription

This might seem a bit weird, but how nice to receive a parcel with a plant in a stylish pot to fight the tide of toys. Make home a bit more grown up every month. 

Plant Post Club from £24  geo-fleur

Precious Revive Time

One major thing that all parents lack is alone-time. Having a child-free bath is a twice yearly joy at best, and so we recommend this Bath & Shower Oil, which basically makes a five minute shower into a spa break. Don’t waste the little bottle by washing with the oil, instead massage into the torso before showering and breathe deeply. The aromatherapy oils actually permeate into the blood stream, a little like caffeine. Show us a parent who doesn’t need that, and we’ll show you a child who always sleeps through the night.  

Precious Revive Time  £10  Aromatherapy Associates



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