Gifts for 5 to 7 year olds

Once kids are in the routine of school, part of the joy of presents is to give them something is to give them something fun, relaxing or to explore the world outside of the classroom.

Snoozy Fox tea set

Our kids love a cup of tea. This brilliant blue bedtime drink comes with a snoozy fox mug to drink it in.


Small And Wild

First Sewing kit

Any child will feel delighted once they complete this little elephant. Sewing and making is great for dexterity and focus, AND everyone needs to know how to attach a button properly. Perfect for those days between Christmas and New Year where no one really fancies going out.


Gen Neu

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A thoughtful and beautiful book about evolution, adaptation and the impact of humans on the environment.



Bog in a Bag

Sanitation is no laughing matter, but this cement for a loo base come with a dose to toilet humour. This age range may seem a but young for charity presents, but ours actually loved knowing about a present given to someone else (once we’d cleared up we couldn't actually visit the goat that had been bought).



Rocket top

Lindex is a failsafe store for bright colours and great prints at reasonable prices. This organic cotton tee is covered in rockets, stars and planets!



Magazine subscription - The Phoenix

Getting post is a forgotten joy. This is a gift that will keep on giving for months. The Phoenix is packed with episodic stories, interviews with characters from history, puzzles and drawing tips.


The Phoenix

Night sky projector

The night sky is magical. This clever kit will help you bone up on your constellations so you don’t get caught out with too many questions you can’t answer about it. (Voice of experience? Yes, of course.)


Natural History Museum London

My Naughty Little Sister

Ever noticed how all the naughty children in books are boys? Not so in life of course. Boys and girls can identify with the cheeky goings on in this book. (Buy an old copy, the covers for the new editions have taken a misstep.)


Abe Books

Sprinkles purse

This is a sweet update of a classic. All kids love coin purses. We’ve no idea why Meri Meri suggest in their product descriptions that theirs are only for girls. Ignore them, this is great for any child.


Meri Meri

Joke Book

If your kids love reading out the cracker jokes, let the fun last all year with the best joke book we know.


Michael Rosen