Gifts for 8 to 11 year olds

Pre-Secondary school can be a really magical time for kids - but this is also peak time for hardening ideas about gender stereotypes. Let our gender-neutral presents for under-11s help you gently challenge any assumptions.

I Can cards

Positive affirmations for kids. These thoughtful cards can help with those anxious days and remind kids aged 4-11 of what they are really capable of.


I Can Cards

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Fantastic Footballers

For any football fanatics out there. Lovely illustrations of some trailblazing footballers (and yes, there are the female heroes in there too).


Telling Tales

Magazine Subscription- The Week Junior

Often children would like to know more about the world around them - this gives them a grounding in news and current affairs each week.


The Week Junior

Knights & Bikes

This book is fun, funny and adventurous. Featuring two excellent female leads, this book tells the story of saving your home through friendship and bravery. A complementary computer game launches next year.



Toy for a child who needs one

Good Gifts cut out unwanted gifts and gives practical help to those in need. Many kids feel the unfairness of Christmas giving at this time of year - this gift offers a way to discuss that.


Good Gifts

Whoopee cushion

It's a classic for a reason! And ideal for winding up your sibling if you're buying for a niece or nephew.




Ultra-cosy and in really nice colours, Zara's hoodies are a gem this season. We love this purple and washed plaster pink one.



Knitting Kit

This comprehensive kit means kids can start knitting useful things like hats and fingerless gloves as well as cute cuddly toys.


Mulberry Bush

Pack of cards

This is the gift that keeps on giving, teach them to master Patience over the Christmas holidays and they'll never be bored again.


WH Smiths