Gifts for three year olds

Three year olds are often at nursery, and exposed to way more gender stereotyping than before. Our gender-neutral gifts for three year olds buck the trend.

Wonder Women Flashcards

Learn your letters and about some brilliant women at the same time. Even Queen Bey’s in there.


Lobella Loves

Julián is a Mermaid

…And you will wish you were too after reading this fantastically beautiful book about being yourself.



Cutlery set

For the independent minded amongst you - you know, the ones that have to have grown up cutlery, not ‘baby ones’. Stylish and functional, of course. Also, Little My is our hero. Wish we could have her on our forks too.


Scandinavian Design Center

Wee Gallery Lacing cards

Lacing is great for lots of things, practicing manual dexterity, seeing and making patterns, and sitting quietly for a few minutes.


Molly Meg

Cat Mermaid sweater

We suppose it’s a mer-cat? Whatever it is, it’s brilliant.


Mini Rodini


This lovely book tracks the waxing and waning of the moon and a journey around the world.