Gifts for two year olds

Two is not as terrible as it’s made out to be, in fact play can be more fun when your imagination and sense of self begins to develop. Our top picks for two-year-olds are for boys or girls - toys are simply toys.

Raincloud mittens

Lovely knitted mits with a string so they can’t get lost. (Fun fact, as a child, I named stringed mittens Glovingtons. You’re welcome.)


Button and Blue

OlliElla Chari Bag

This little basket can be attached to bikes and scooters and carried around full of the weird things that only two year olds need.


The Modern Nursery

Flappy Duck

It's so fun to push this flappy-footed duck along, and the fun lasts for years, our five year olds still chase around pushing these!



Ferm Living Play tent

Kids love little dens and parents will love this one which folds up so easily (our kids seem to have a talent for getting tangled up in a teepee).


This Modern Life

Clive and his babies

This little board book shows Clive feeding, playing with and tucking his babies in to bed. Letterbox Library have been championing inclusive books for more than 30 years, and they have the whole Clive series.


Letterbox Library


Plate and mug

These are still in high demand in our house - in fact, there’s a regular row about who gets the swinging bunnies plate (why we don’t just get another one I don’t know) . Find these on eBay too - they last for ever - one of ours is still going strong since the 80s.


Royal Doulton


Childcare pick ups involve collecting not only your child, but also a mass of indistinguishable drawings, menus and things to sign. Stick it all on the fridge with these sweet magnets.