Issue 7: Letter from the Editors

From Kirstie

It’s fair to say school is at the heart of many of our discussions about stereotyping and gender. It plays such a huge part in the lives of our children, and the wider families. But when we had the very first chats about Sonshine (on text while pushing the buggy with the littlest one in the pram and the not quite so little one on the buggy board), it was before any of our kids had gone to school or nursery. We remembered our own school days and the impact they had had on our own lives, but we hardly knew what it would be like for our children – how things had changed, or worse, how they hadn’t. We knew school was an important issue we’d have to tackle and two years on, it’s been a real pleasure to put this issue together and get to grips with so many aspects of school life.

Back in 2017, one of the things that really gave us the final push to get the first issue of the magazine published was the screening of a documentary on BBC2 – No More Boys & Girls: Can our Kids go Gender-Free? This programme gave us a real inspiration for the seemingly small changes we could all be making to create a more equal world. So, we’re really delighted this issue to have had the chance to ask Graham André (the teacher in that documentary) a few questions about what has changed for him and his school in the last two years.

This issue also has insights from a programme that challenges gender stereotypes rolling out across twelve London primary schools and an article from a primary English teacher about her experiences of gender bias in primary school, as well as some expert insight into what to look for when you’re choosing a school for your child.

Following a lot of chat on Instagram on getting hangry kids fed after school without too much stress, we’ve got a delicious family dinner recipe, and four twenty-minute kids’ suppers to avoid tantrums from them (or you). We’ve also got some poignant and funny reminiscences of our own school days – lumpy rice pudding anyone?

There’s a lot in the issue as always, and we’d love to hear what you think. We’d also love your help in spreading the word about Sonshine, so if you like an article – please share it! We’re really loving seeing our community grow and hearing more from you all. Do drop us a line on social media or contact us here if you’ve got a partnership you’d like to discuss or something you’d like us to cover.

Enjoy this issue!